We offer the widest range of micronized barite products available on the market for the manufacture all kinds of industrial paints whether in liquid or powder form. Among the most prominent applications are paints: automotive, anti-corrosion, marine, road, pavement, etc. The use of talc, mica or quartz is also common in this sector.

    Sales within this sector are our company’s main market. Our products improve both dispersion of solids and chemical inertness. Our Blanc Roc® range can replace precipitated barites and extend TiO2, whilst working with greener products. They also provide chemical stability, protection against corrosion, and a good index of refraction among other qualities. Apart from the standard BariStar® and BariFlor® ranges, with granulometric cuts of 8-80 microns, we offer a special range of products free from fine particles, to be used in matt products: our BariZero® range.

    We also have different ranges of silicates in the form of talc, mica or kaolin, which, due to their lamellarity, offer a barrier effect against moisture while also providing very good resistance to burnishing, good brightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, and assisting film levelling.


    A large variety of coatings are available for all types of surfaces in the field of interior and exterior decoration: concrete, plaster, wood, metal, concrete, plastic, etc.: all of which can be optimized with the use of suitable mineral fillers. Solvent-free formulations created using raw materials of the type we offer are now in widespread use.

    For example, the Dolkron® range of natural dolomites provides opacity and chemical resistance to white paints for outdoor use. The Talkron® talcs and KaoFlor® kaolins provide softness to the touch to water-based interior paints, and the ability to repel moisture to exterior paints. Thanks to their excellent laminarity, they also provide optimal satin finishes in wood paints and primers. BariStar® natural barites not only provide whiteness and reduce oil absorption: they also help improve the strength and durability of exterior paints exposed to all kinds of weather.


    In the complex plastics industry, the use of mineral fillers in extrusion and/or direct injection processes is now widespread.

    In masterbatch production, Talkron® talcs improve mechanical strength, flexibility and dimensional stability, while density and chemical resistance are achieved with the use of BariStar® and BariFlor® barites.

    In the world of drainage pipes, the use of our products adds soundproofing and density to the final product. With proper distribution of particles, we help our customers meet the highest quality standards.

    As well as our standard products, our technology allows us to adapt to the individual requirements of each manufacturer. In addition, the Blanc Roc ® family helps optimize the use of pigment due to its high level of whiteness.

    All our products comply with the main European food contact standards (for packaging) and with EN-71 Part 3 (toy safety).


    Due to the characteristics inherent to barite ore and to correct particle size, BariFlor®, BariNit® and BariStone® products manage to create a barrier that prevents the propagation of sound, heat and X-rays in different types of panels and coatings.

    It is used within the automotive industry in floor mats and hood coatings, in order to insulate the vehicle’s interior from engine noise.

    The MicaFlor® range of micas also provides electrical and thermal insulation.


    The main reasons for incorporating natural barites like our Blanc Roc®, BariStar® or BariFlor® ranges to mortar, putties and adhesive formulations are improved mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as their high specific gravity and low oil absorption. All these features allow the manufacture of products with a high concentration of solids while saving resin and thereby reducing costs.

    As in the case of insulators, silicones benefit from barite’s ability to reduce noise when used within the automotive and construction fields in metal frameworks and glass assembly.


    One of the most common applications of natural micronized barite is the manufacture of brake pads for both the automotive and the railway industries. Control of the chemical composition is crucial in this sector because it affects the final braking capacity. At mineralia® we have technology for adapting to the specific requirements of each manufacturer, and we offer standard products within our BariFlor® range that are adapted to this sector.


    In the context of growing demand for high-density concrete for large public projects like piers, bridges or hospital X-ray rooms, mineralia® has developed the BariStone® product range. Due to their high density, these raw materials also have the ability to block UV, Gamma and X-rays. We offer barite concentrate aggregates in different particle size distributions that meet the requirements of the sector and help improve the efficiency of the concrete manufacturing process.


    In a constantly changing world, mineralia® is always attentive to new developments in the world of micronization of minerals and we continue to develop and improve our technology in order to offer the widest possible range of micronized barite, talc, mica, dolomite, kaolin, quartz and slate to suit all industrial sectors.